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How far would you chase hope? 

What if you could change the world?

The green has gone from Mariah's Ireland. Every garden and field that was once lush with crops is now lifeless muck. And yet Mariah holds one seed...the seed of hope to feed the hungry. 

Together with Liam, her staunchest supporter, Naomi the biologist, Deborah, whose son sold out to the Senate, and Peter the farm boy, she sets out to make Ireland green again. That is Mariah's hope. It is Mariah's dream. 

Mariah's dream will change everything.

Mariah's Prologues: Part of The Vortex of Éire

Mariah's Prologues, now available:
One eventful night in Belfast, a soulful dog makes a split-second decision that will change his life forever. Add to Goodreads
Three mothers. Three children. And a man willing to suggest desperate measures to keep them all fed in perilous times of famine. Add to Goodreads
He wishes the job hadn't been forced on him. For her, it couldn't come soon enough. Follow two cyborgs on an ordinary night patrol, where anything might happen... Add to Goodreads
Mariah is exhausted at work and keeps nodding off, to dream of her uncle's once-lush garden. But perhaps there's still magic in Belfast after all. Add to Goodreads
Childhood is rough in dystopian Belfast of 2079 and Callum dreams of his brief escapes to the riverbank. Then, in the alley, a surprise encounter brightens Callum's day...
Ellis Flanegan's workplace at the grain mill in urban Belfast is loud and oftentimes inhuman. His greatest hope: his daughter Mariah.
In famine-ridden Belfast, edible harvests are rare and wild fruit even more so. The perfect reason why two young men go head to head over... a plant.
Jasmine agreed to barter away her wedding ring to feed her family for a few more days. Now it's up to Dougie to make it happen or lose his cut of the deal; he must venture into unknown territory and confront a crime lord in Belfast's dark underbelly.

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Other Novels

Legendary Space Pilgrims (2010) 
If Pilgrim's Progress happened in space, this is what it might look like... 
On a planet that has never seen the sun, a harvester hears a Voice from beyond. It's time to leave the oatfield. Mario and Caitlin escape the mind control of Planet Monday, following the Voice to unknown worlds where wonders and challenges await. Have you got what it be a legend?

Faith Awakened (2007, out of print)
A computer technician gets more than she bargains for when she plunges herself and her companions into virtual-reality cryogenic stasis to escape a raging virus. 
(An early incarnation of the Vortex of Éire series)

Short Stories 
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Mariah's Dream is the first novel in the Vortex, which will eventually span several novels. Before you read it, you can dive into the prologues and prepare yourself for the bigger story to come. Mariah's Prologues introduce various characters in the world of Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2079 before their appearance in Mariah's Dream. Two stories will appear with every newsletter update, and every time, one of the stories will be free for a limited time! Sign up to make sure you don't miss any.

"The prose is detailed yet smooth, firm in approach yet comforting, well-articulated yet easy to read." - Author A. P. Fuchs
"Crazy villains, heartwarming heroes, and the taste of dirt in my mouth." - Author T. W. Ambrose

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 Anthologies I edited

Aquasynthesis (2011)
aqua (n) - water, used in compound names, or substances in water. 
synthesis (n) - The combining of elements into a unified entity. 
aquasynthesis (n) - a combining of worlds within a pool of water; an anthology of short stories from Splashdown authors. 
Includes my stories "Second Site", "A Stretch of Time", and "Lily's Tale". 

Avenir Eclectia (2012)
Human settlement in the harshest of places. The Avenir: once a generational ship, now a crowded residential station and dominating force over a hard, broken world. Eclectia: the highly unstable planet far below, its crust fractured and tormented with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This book includes 138 microfiction stories by 18 authors, woven into a single narrative.
Includes eight of my stories. I invented the overall concept and co-edited this collection.

Aquasynthesis Again (2013)
aqua: a solution, especially in water 
synthesis: a complex whole formed by combining 
aquasynthesis: a pool of stories, fed by the depths of creation and imagination; an anthology of short fiction by Splashdown authors.
Includes my story "Never Look Back", first published in Space Battles (below). 

Anthologies my stories appear in