Hire Me Original

At Splashdown Books, I have published dozens of titles, completing all final edits and most design work. I can help you with your imprint's publishing needs, as follows:

Full Editing: $8 per 1000 words
Includes stylistic edits and proofreading, and big-picture/developmental comments as needed.
Turnaround times will depend on availability and I reserve the right to refuse projects not meeting a basic standard or if the genre falls outside my preferences. My primary genres are science fiction and fantasy, and I will also consider many others.

Typesetting for Print (text only, your choice of fonts, delivery as PDF): $1.50 per 1000 words
Graphical Chapter Headers: add $20 for graphic creation then $3 per chapter/scene break/title page as required

Cover Design
Does not include artwork costs, I can work with Creative Commons images, your own artwork or photography etc, or graphics you have purchased elsewhere.
Custom E-book cover design
(front only, delivery as JPG)
Custom Print wrap cover
(front, spine, back, delivery as PDF
according to your printer's template)
Both Print and E-book
(Delivery as JPG and PDF)

Total Tech Package
Includes: Typesetting for print with graphic headers/scene breaks/title pages, e-book formatting with linked table of contents, and optional cover design for print and ebook.
Does not include any editing or proofing, but discounted if you purchase editing at the same time.

 With covers Without covers With purchased editing
 1 book $600 $450 $550/400
 4+ books (each) $550 $400 $500/350
 10+ books (each) $525 $375 $475/325

Tech Troubleshooting
Got a spot of trouble with your manuscript's print format? I'll fix it for you according to your specifications.
4 Day Service: $25 per hour
Same Day Service (if available): $50 per hour

Splashdown Ahoy label - if, after editing your work, I judge that I would have published it with Splashdown, you may elect to include the Splashdown Ahoy label on your titles. This is not an imprint of Splashdown, only my stamp of approval. Splashdown titles are science fiction and fantasy as chosen by my own particular tastes.

Note - Purchasing my editing services excludes the project from publishing with a Splashdown imprint.
All pricing subject to change until we have a written agreement.