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What if a boiling thermal spring didn't hurt you?

What if it gave you powers, but didn't turn you into a hero?

Still gotta save the town...

Grace Bridges... a dreamer whose muse blows best when it's fresh from the sea. A graduate of the University of Auckland, she translates German and edits novels for a living, and writes from her hilltop in New Zealand although faraway places call to her just as often. Her short works of fiction and nonfiction are found in multiple international anthologies and literary journals, and she continues to work on novels in The Vortex of Éire series. She is inordinately happy that her hair has started going silver.  

Splashdown Books is a hybrid imprint publisher that arose when Grace kept running across fabulous manuscripts in fiction critique groups, but the writers needed help to get their stories out there. Grace's continuing mission is to find her favourite kinds of books and make them available to the world. These are science fiction, fantasy and paranormal, all with that special something, a flavour that hints: if you like one, you'll like more. You can find all the books in print and electronic formats, and information on each author and title, at

Avenir Eclectia is a Splashdown project where multiple authors write short and serialised fiction in a shared storyworld - the planet Eclectia and its isolated colonies, and the orbiting space station Avenir, once a generation ship from Earth. Incorporating elements of all the speculative genres, Avenir Eclectia provides a writers' playground where contributors can intertwine their characters and stories on a planetary scale. There is one novel-length collection already published, with more in the pipeline, and new stories continue to appear at

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