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The Earthcore Stories

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Earthcore Book 1Earthcore Book 1: RotoVegas

Superpowers from hot springs—who knew?

On her first trip to New Zealand's geothermal heartland, Anira finds herself mysteriously affected by legendary spirits emerging from the untamed thermal forces of Rotorua. And they have a job for her to do. 

Soon Anira finds others like her, people young and old who are similarly called by the kaitiaki. Together they are caught up in a race against the developer intent on destroying the natural springs that are the home of the ancients and the source of their powers.  

                  Book 2Earthcore Book 2: Volcano City

New Zealand’s largest city. Forty-nine volcanoes. What’s one more?

Away from the thermal springs and legendary creatures of Rotorua, Anira’s supernatural brainpower and memory have faded. She’s forgotten the events of summer and even the friends who became the Earthcore team.

Tiger, Graeme and Bethany come to the big city too, each unsettled in their own way.

But their maniacal opponent has arrived in Auckland, wielding mind control and bent on revenge, terrorism and profit. When the earth becomes restless from his meddling,

Anira must fight to remember her gifts, to bring the team together again, and to call the ancient taniwha to help protect her hometown from a disastrous eruption.
                  Book 3Earthcore Book 3: Aftershocks

They saved a town with the help of the creatures that command the geysers. They saved a city from volcanic eruption. Surely they've earned a break? Tell that to the Titanosaur.

Now the faultline network is active, threatening all of central New Zealand with aftershocks that might be bigger than the initial event. Amateur geologist Anira Fraser is in Picton, facing her final high school athletics competition. Along with her friend Tiger McRae, she realises their presence is disturbing the area's guardian spirits.

Soon other Earthcore members arrive in town and discover an old enemy stirring up fresh trouble, while the locals hint at the legend of a mysterious taniwha war that could worsen the series of quakes.

It's up to Anira and the Earthcore team to find the cause of the war and end it—otherwise they themselves could be responsible for a cataclysmic natural disaster.
                  Book 4Earthcore Book 4: High Tide

The Earthcore team's newfound fame means they're asked to help calm an earthquake cluster shaking the Hauraki Gulf yet again. No geological cause can be found—indicating a source related to the Taniwha of legend.

Anira and her team travel to Waiheke Island, where clues point to the old, closed-up WWII fortification tunnels that honeycomb the island's remote eastern headland. As the quakes continue, the team investigates a mystery from the 1940s. To solve it, they’ll have to head underground, where a young member fumbles with dangerous emerging power and the rest of the team find their magic almost useless.

Split up and trapped beneath the surface, Earthcore races to resolve a wartime injustice, but the Taniwha are angry—and the tide is rising.

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