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Looking for an editor?
If you are planning to self-publish, or to submit your manuscript to a publishing professional, I can help you get ready.

Let's make this simple. I edit best in science fiction and fantasy, but will also take other genres at your own risk (no erotica). Editing is done in Word using Track Changes and comments. I have extensive experience in both British and American English fiction.

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What my edit may include, as needed:
Style, flow, language use, story and narrative issues, reader satisfaction, initial proofread, identifying problem areas, consistency, tone, tropes, filter words, fluff words, mundane words, clich├ęs, overused words, show don't tell, point of view, audience appropriateness, punctuation, handling of numbers, paragraphing, dialogue attributions and action beats, character arcs, setting, description, emotional impact, and more. All of my editing services can include a mentoring aspect where I start by analysing your personal specific recurring issues to improve on.


Prices vary according to the level of self-editing you have already achieved.

For example: avoiding passive structures and excesses of filter words, mundane words, and -ing words, correct POV use, correct action/dialogue paragraphing, etc.

I will determine your level and fee after reading some samples of your manuscript.

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$20-$30 US per 1000 words
If you're a first-time writer or you just need a lot of magical help, I can help you start to improve. Ideal for beginners or those who may need extra assistance with English grammar. Edits at this level are complex, so you may need an extra round after this to attain a publishable standard.

$14 US per 1000 words minimum
This level may be suitable for you if:
- you have never worked with an editor before
- this is one of your first completed manuscripts
- you are unpublished or entirely self-published with little assistance

Your quality determines your final fee. I can help you get where you're going, but there may be more work for you to do afterwards.

$9 US per 1000 words
This level may suit you if you have:
- completed a handful of manuscripts
- worked with critique partners for a number of years
- learned and applied the principles of self-editing

This is my favourite level as you have put in enough work to make the best use of my help. Brave and accomplished writers may use this level to aim for the sky.

$6 US per 1000 words
This level may be what you need if:
- your manuscript has already been thoroughly edited for content/style
- you are nearly ready to publish or submit
- you want a final check for minor errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

What's the Plus? I'll comment on major Story or Style issues I notice as I read, giving you the benefit of my experience while keeping to a budget.
How well this broomstick flies is up to your processing of my comments.

$4 US per 1000 words
At this level I will only correct your spelling and punctuation, not any other issues. If you have not had the manuscript edited previously, a proofread may not be sufficient to make it ready for publishing.

You can view this as a regular broomstick useful for a bit of tidying. Not particularly magical, but it does its job.

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*You may be eligible for a discount if you have worked with me before. Please contact me to discuss.


Prices listed are for basic professional services to a quality publishable standard. Please consider them a minimum depending on the level of detail work you are looking for.

Cover Design - Text on an image you provide:
Ebook only - Output JPG
I can help you find sources for professional images, including free Creative Commons material.
$50.00 USD

Cover Design - Text on an image you provide:
on Print Template for KDP Print or Lightning Source
Interior typeset must be complete in order to determine page count/spine width. You may also crop this for use as an ebook cover.
$100.00 USD

All $50.00 USD per hour
These can include:

Word Doc Cleanup: Replace triple periods with ellipses, consistency with fonts, dashes and scene breaks, proper indenting, page breaks, remove stray spaces and styles, create heading structure (can take 1-2 hours depending on the extent of cleanup needed)

Print Typesetting, Basic: A clean Word doc is required first. Title page and chapter headings with your selected font, page numbering, standard scene breaks, contents page, insertion of front and back matter you provide (typically 1-2 hours)

Print Typesetting, Fancy: A clean Word doc is required first. Includes basic typesetting plus creation of graphic elements for chapter headers and/or scene breaks, running headers on request (typically 3-4 hours)

Print Typesetting, Extras: Any changes made at your request after completion of the typeset

Ebook Formatting: Supply a clean Word doc and finished front cover. Output is EPUB with table of contents suitable for upload to Kindle and Nook

Your Publishing Coach: I can talk you through publishing your book for global distribution in print and ebook. May include: basic blurb help, choosing keywords and categories, the technical steps of the upload process, etc.

Prices are in U.S. dollars. If you wish to pay in a different currency, please ask me for rate conversion.

If there's something not listed that I can help you with, please get in touch to discuss rates.

Note on editing: I do NOT claim adherence to a particular style guide, but my wide reading experience allows me to apply an accepted overall standard to your work.

A list of published books which I have edited is available on request, in addition to the Testimonials section.

Please be prepared for far-reaching suggestions if these become necessary. I want to help make your book more dynamic and effective!
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